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How to make Abstract Background in Photoshop?

You can make different kind of abstract shapes like I’m making here. This is very interesting Photoshop Tutorial, it will tell you how to make Abstract Background in Photoshop, so without wasting much time, here I’m going to start.

1. Take a new file of following settings:


2. Fill the layer with #2A0900 color.


3. Take Pen Tool (P) pen-tool & draw a path like this.


4. Right click on this path and convert it to Selection, take new layer and fill with any color and change the Fill Opacity to 0% from layer panel:


5. Run the command, Layer >> Layer Style >> Inner Shadow and give the following settings:


this effect will come:


6. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Outerglow and give the following settings:


This will be the result:


7. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay, give the following settings:


this will be the result now:


8. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and then press Ctrl+T to transform it, place this as show below, but change the Gradient Overlay settings as (Angle= 63Degree) & Outer Glow settings as (Opacity= 42) & (Size=24).


9. From the layer panel click on Create Set, and put these two layers in iside the Group as show below:


10. Duplicate this group but right clicking on the Group name and presst Ctrl+T, then select Frop Vertical to positioned the shape like this:


11. Take Brush tool and set its opacity to 50%, press D (default black and white colors) then press X (to take White color in Foreground Color), then highlight from different places like:


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