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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 2

Hopefully you have practiced Adobe Photoshop Lecture 1, so here we are going to start Lecture 2, so get ready.

In this lecture we are going to be familiar with some Tools, because it is necessary to know some information about these tools, without that it would be difficult for you to go forward. So we will be trying to discuss most common tools.


Shortcut key M (and to use other Marquee tools inside it you have to use Shift+M)

Inside this tool you will find four different tools, Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular-marquee-tool, Elliptical Marquee Tool elliptical-marquee-tool, Single Row Marquee Tool single-row-marquee-tool and Single Column Marquee Tool single-column-marquee-tool. By using this tool you can select different Areas.

Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular-marquee-tool:

Before using this tool you have to see which layer is selected. Because it is essential to see whether you have selected the right layer or not. Just press F7 key to switch on Layer panel. Now select that layer on which you want to select the area by just clicking on that layer. Now hold this tool and draw any rectangle anywhere you desire location.

Using Spacebar while selecting:

If you have started the selection from different from your desire location then before leaving the left click of mouse you can move selection. Just hold spacebar (without leaving the mouse left click), now drag mouse to your desire location and leave Spacebar. So you can move selection during drawing it.

Using Shift key during/after selection:

Suppose you have selected an area, now you want to selec another area but keeping previous area selected, just hold Shift key and select any other area.


Using Alt key during/after Selection:

If you have selected an area and now you want to remove some part of that selection, just hold Alt key and select your desire area.


Property Toolbar for Marquee Tool:

When you pick Marquee tool, then options in Top Property toolbar will change. You will find the following:


First small box will be New Selection. Its mean when you will draw any rectangle anywhere, then it will start new selection.

Add to Selection mean it will make selections from different selection. Just like using Shift key while selecting.

Subtract from selection will delete some selection, it is just like using Alt key during selection.

If you have selected anything and then you click on ‘Intersect with selection’ then you draw some other selection and its some part comes over previous selection, then only this selection will remain all other selection will remove. Mean those part of selection which Intersect each other will remain, all other selection will remove.

Feather is the mainthing. It is useful only when you give any number before selecting anything. If you have selected anything and then give Feather, it will do nothing. By using this, you can make edges of selection a bit blurred.



If you have changed the feather and then later anytime you will select anything, remember it will make it default, so you will find feather anytime, sometime during selection it will give error that area is too short. So always try to keep this 0px unless on necessary ocassion.

From Style menu you will find Fixed Ratio and Fixed Size. If you have selected Fix Ratio then you have to tell it Width and Height in proportion. Like you need Width double than height, then give 2 in Width and 1 in Heigh. So when you will draw selection, it will be wider automatically. While if you have selected Fixed Size, then you will have to give the accurate size of selection before making selection. You can give selection size in Px, mm, cm, inches etc.

Inverse Selection:

If you have drawn a selection and now wanted to inverse it, mean the impact should come around the selection, then just press Ctrl+Shift+I.

Elliptical Marquee Tool elliptical-marquee-tool:

It also works like Rectangular Marquee tool, but difference is it will select in Round or Elliptical shape. All other settings are same as of Rectangular Marquee tool.

Single Row Marquee Tool single-row-marquee-tool:

It is also used to select, but it will select only 1 px Row. After selecting you can give Stroke to this selection.

Single Column Marquee Tool single-column-marquee-tool:

It is also used to select, but it will select only 1 px Column

Why to use Marquee Tool:

After making selection through Marquee tool, you can copy any object, delete any object, fill colors/gradient/patterns etc. So it is the most important tool.

How to unselect anything?

In simple words if you want to remove the selection, just press Ctrl+D.

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