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Black & White to Colored – Photoshop

You must have read this technique, but here I’m using very simple and time saving technique, by using this technique you can change Black & White pictures to Colored, no one would judge whether it was Colored or Black & White picture. You can use any Photoshop version to do so. So lets start.

1. Take any Black and white picture and first of all change its mode to RGB, by running the command Image >> Mode >> RGB.


I’ve taken this very simple picture just to save your time.

2. Create new layer and by using Pen tool pen-tool draw a path arround the man like:


Right click anywhere and select Make Selection don’t forget to give some feather, because we don’t want to show anybody the edges of colors, so that is why I’m giving 2 in feather. (It will depend upon the size and resolution of your file, small number for shorter files and large number for bigger files)



3. Now we have to fill this selection with Human Body color, I’m using #e79c7f, which is closer to it, press Alt+Backspace to fill this selection.


4. Don’t worry nothing vanished, just goto Layer Panel and select Overlay instead of Normal and then adjust the opacity to bring this color closer to human body color. I’m giving 75%


you will get:


5. Now I’m going to change the color of Wall behind, as only that part remain so I’m pressing Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse, but one problem came and that is Man’s hair are also selected, don’t worry just take pen tool and draw a path arround his hair like:


and right click on the path and Make Selection, don’t forget to select Subtract from Selection and also to give feather to 2,


you will get this:


6. Now create new layer and chose any color for wall (I’m using #085300 color) and fill it. Again select Overlay instead of Normal in layer panel and adjust the opacity, you will get this finally:


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  1. It is very simple and short technique, I personally like it very much, keep it up buddy …..

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