By using this technique you can make Cool Backgrounds of different styles. Here we go:

1. Take a new file of any size, I’m taking 560x560px size with 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

2. Fill the layer by any color of your desire, I’m filling it with #780000 color.


3. Pick Gradient Tool gradient-tool and select #830506 color in Foreground and #370000 in Background color in Color Palette. Chose Radial Gradient in top Property panel and draw the following Gradient:


4. Press Ctrl+J to copy this layer and Filter >> Render >> Fibers and give the following settings:


5. From Layer panel change the Opacity to 10%, you will get this:


6. Press Ctrl+J to copy it and then press Ctrl+T (transform) and rotate it to 90 degree and press <enter> key.


7. Create a new laver above all the others & Fill it with Black Color , & then go to Filters >> Render>> Lens Flare. Give the following settings:


8. Now in Layer Panel, change the Blending mode from Normal to Overlay and change the Opacity of Layer to 45% Like:


9. While still activating Lense Flare layer,  goto  Filters>> Distort>> Wave. and give the following settings:


You will get the Following:


10. You can write any text over it like: