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MS-Word – Lecture – 1

I’ve a plan to prepare Graphic/Web Designers. Even for the person who has very small knowledge of Computer. So I’m going to train them from the Sctract, in the beginning I’ll teach them the basics of MS-Office, then after having some knowledge I’ll take them towards Graphic/Web Designing Tools like Photoshop, Flash, Coreldraw, CSS, HTML etc. So here is the first lecture of MS-Word. Remember all these courses would be totally Free of Cost. Hope you will enjoy.

Lecture # 1:


MS-Word or Microsoft Word is a Word Processor, in which you can write Letters, Applications, Essays, mean all sorts of Text Editing. You can say the latest version of WordPad. It is a Part of Microsoft Office which comprise of MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Access etc. It is very important package, hardly any office in the world in which it is not being used.


When you load MS-Word, you will see the following Screen:



In MS-Word following Toolbars are present, which used for different tasts:









Control Toolbox:














Tables and Borders:


Visual Basic:




Web Tools:





Through this command you can change the Size, Color, Shape of any text. To do so:

1. Write anything in the file and select it. For selecting take the cursor to the begining of your desire text, then hold Shift key and press Right arrow key unless your whole text would be having Black background.

2. Now run the command Format >> Font (to go into this box directly, you can press Ctrl+D). You will see the following dialog box:


From the Font box you can change the styles of text.

3. From Font Style, Regular mean your text would be in Normal shape (like StunningMesh), while Italic mean slight bend towards right side like (StunningMesh) and Bold mean Darker font (like StunningMesh). Bold Italic mean, at the same time Italic and Bold (like StunningMesh)

4. From the Size box you can give the size of any text. Size measures in Point (you can say 1/72 part of 1 inch is equal to 1 point). Here in this box you can write size from 1 to 1638 point.

5. From Font Color box you can chose any color of your text.

6. Underline Style mean to put line under your text.

7. Underline Color would be disable unless you select any style from Underline Style. From this box you can change the color of Underline.

8. In the Effect menu, Strikethrough mean to cut the text horizontally by thin line and double strike through mean to cut the text horizontally by double line.


9. Superscript mean to move the text above the line and reducing its Size, by using this you can write the power of any text like:


10. Subscript mean to move the text below the line, like:


11. Shadow, Outline, Emboss and Engrave will give the following look:


12. Small Caps will Capitalize all letters but it will reduce the size of other letters except the first letter and All Caps will capitalize all letters while keeping their size same like:


13. Hidden will vanish the text for a while. But to bring it back it is a long procedure. First of all hit Show/Hide button show-hide in the Standard toolbar, your hidden text will appear while having dotted underline. Just select this text and come back Font box, Uncheck the Hidden option and then hit ok, then switch off Show/Hide button.

14. In this box you will see Character Spacing Tab on top of this box. Click on it and you will find these options:


15. From Scale menu you can stretch the width of text. Here you can give number between 1% to 600%.


16. From Spacing box you can expand Space between letters or you can reduce. Here you can give number between 0 to 1584.


17. From the Position list box you can Raise your text or Lowered your text, the minimum number you can give is 0 and maximum number is 1584. It is just like SuperScript and Subscript command but here Text size will not be reduced.


18. Kerning for font will not display any change. Its result would be displayed on the Printing documents. While switching on this command, it will ensure you that during printing no extra space would come and it will be equal space between all Letters.

19. In the box you will find Text Effect tab, click on it and you will find the following box:


20. These commands will display result on the screen and not on the Printed documents, thats for sure. Because these are animated effects. These are only for you to remember any text in the doc. Because when you switch on any option, then your text will start Sparkling, Blinking, marching ants around your text. So just select anyone and see the result.

Our first lecture concludes here, so get ready for Second lecture.


  • To go into Font box you can press Ctrl+D
  • To make font Bold or to normal it you can press Ctrl+B
  • To make font Italic or to normal it you can press Ctrl+I
  • To make underline or clear underline you can press Ctrl+U
  • To increase font size you can use Ctrl+]
  • To decrease font size you can use Ctrl+[
  • For All Caps you can press Ctrl+Shift+A
  • For Small Caps you can press Ctrl+Shift+K
  • For Hidden forating you can press Ctrl+Shift+H
  • For Subscript you can press Ctrl+= (equal)
  • For Superscript you can press Ctrl+Shift+ +(plus)


While using Font box try to make the following text:


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    hi sir,
    i am also teaching computer courses, today i read your lecture, this is very nice and complete lecture. i feel you don this job with very hardwork. i appreciate you.

    Muhammad Pervaiz

  2. sir this is great help of like me student sir it is pscibal word note in also urdu thanks

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