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MS-Word – Lecture – 2

Hope you have studied Lecture 1 and will be ready for Lecture 2. Must try to solve Questions at the end of each Lesson. So here is the Second lecture.


This is very Important Command, by using this Command you can align your text left, right, center of the page. So write any paragraph, please DON’T enter at the end of each line, let Cusor come automatically on next line. Otherwise it will not display proper alignment. So after writing any paragraph run the Command Format >> Paragraph you will get this box.


1. From Alignment list box you will find, left, right, center and Justify. When you select Left, then all lines would be aligned Left side of page, while right will align Right side of page and center would align Center of page, Justify will align Left and Right of the page.


2. From Indentation box you can push forward your paragraph from Left side or you can push back your paragraph from Right. Here you can write number between -22 to 22.


3. By using Special box you can Indent either only the first line or all other lines except the first line. If you select First Line from the list box, then it will move only first line towards right side and if you select Hanging then it will remain first line at its position and it will move all other lines towards right side. Here you can write number from 0 to 22.


4. From the Spacing boxes you can give extra space Before the paragraph or After the Paragraph. You can write number here from -1 to 1584.


5. From line spacing you can give extra space between all lines, here you will find Single, 1.5 Line, Double, Atleast, Exactly and Multiple. Single line is the default which is not having any extra space. 1.5 Lines is having half empty line in between, Double is having 1 empty line in between. If you select Atleast and then type any number, then line height will not be reduce from this number though you have selected very tiny font (to check this reduce the font size gradually by pressing Ctrl+[ then you will see the impact). Exactly will not give permission to reduce or expand line spacing (to check this try to reduce or enlarge the font size by pressing Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+]) and by using Multiple you can write any number of your desire from 0 to 132.


Other commands are related to Print command, so we will discuss this later.


  • For Left alignment you can press Ctrl+L
  • For Right alignment you can press Ctrl+R
  • For Center alignment you can press Ctrl+E
  • For Justy you can press Ctrl+J
  • For normal line spacing you can press Ctrl+1
  • For 1.5 Lines spacing you can press Ctrl+5
  • For Double line space you can press Ctrl+2
  • To increase Left Indentation you can press Ctrl+M
  • To decrease Left Indentation you can press Ctrl+Shift+M

So our 2nd lecture concludes here, get ready for Third Lecture.


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