In this technique you will learn how to make any pictures having Corner in curl form. You will need Adobe Photoshop CS, because in older version you will not be able to find Warp command. So lets start Page Curl in Photoshop CS Tutorial.



1. First of all take any file of any size and paste any picutre in it. (To paste any picture open the Picture file after taking new file then use Window >> Arrange >> Float in All Windows command to view both files at a time. Now pick Move tool and hold picture and drag it on new file then close Picture file).

2. Now hold Rectangular Marquee selection tool rectangular-marquee-tool and draw a smal rectangle towards the bottom right of the picture like:


3. Now run the command Edit >> Transform >> Warp, you will get the following:


4. Now hold the bottom right node and move it toward left and above to make the shape like Curl. It will look like this:


Press <Enter> key to finalize this shape. Now as the Curved part should not display the picture so we are going to hide the this (backside) part, for this pupose take Pen tool pen-tool and draw a path over the Curve, then right click on it and select Make Selection, give feather as 0 and hit OK button. Now take new layer and fill it with Any color (by pressing Alt+Backspace key), you will get this:


5. Now run the command, Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay, put 135 in the angle and make the following Gradient by clicking on the Edit Gradient:


Hit ok then you will get this:


6. Now select Picture layer and again run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay, again put 135 in angle and select Multiply in Blending Mode and then make the following gradient:


Don’t hit OK yet, click on Drop Shadow and put the following values:


Now hit OK then you will get the following: