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Unwanted Edges of Transparent GIFs – Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how we can smoothen the edges of a GIF file. You have noticed sometime that when you paste any GIF file (Transparent) in any other file, then Edges of Transparent GIFs appears clearly. So in this tutorial you will learn how we can remove those edges. It is very important GIF, so hope you will like it.


1. First of all open your GIF file (that file must be having Transparent Edges), for your convenient I’ve uploaded a Gif File you can download it by clicking here.

2. Now take new file with Black background and Color mode = RGB.

3. Now paste lamp.gif file into your new File, it will not be giving permission to do, because Color mode of lamp.gif (Indexed Color) and your file (RGB) are different. Goto your GIF file (i.e. lamp.gif) and run the command Image >> Mode >> RBG color. Then paste GIF file into your new file. You will see the edges of GIF file will be bloken or something like disturbing, no problem here we are removing these edges.


4. Zoom in the file by pressing Ctrl+Plus (+) key, just focus any part of these edges, and now pick Eye Dropper Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut7-pic2 or press I. Here you have to be careful by picking the color. Try to pick the color from the middle shade of the edges. Mean not the brighter one nor the darker one. Then pick Paint Bucket Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut7-pic3 or press G and click outside area of this transparent gif, you will get this.


5.  Now pick the Magic Wand Tool stunningmesh-photoshop-tut7-pic5 or press W. From the top property panel write Tolerance greater than 25 (depending upon the Filled area), check Anti Alias and Contigious options and Click on the area which you just filled, you will get this:


6. Now press Del key.


It will clear the edges but slight edges would remains. Now you can also remove those edges. Run the command Layer >> Matting >> Defringe. A box will appear don’t write number greater than 1 (but it will depend upon the size of your file). Here you will get the difference:


ENJOY!!! But don’t forget to write your comments below, thanks!!!

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