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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 5

Hopefully you have already worked on Previous lectures so here is the Lecture 5.


(Shortcut key E)

In this tool you will find 3 tools, i.e. Eraser Tool eraser-tool, Background Eraser tool background-eraser-tool and Magic Eraser tool magic-eraser-tool.

Eraser Tool eraser-tool:

It is very important tool, by using this tool you can delete any part of any layer. (except Text layer, to delete any part of this layer you have to Rasterize Text layer).

Just pick this tool and activate the layer from where you want to delete. You can chose Brush style and size from top Property bar. (we have already discussed how to import brushes styles in Lecture 4).

These kind of effects you can make while using this tool:


I’ve done it by using Feathered brush.

Background Eraser tool background-eraser-tool:

When you take a new file having any background either White or Background Color, then you will see there is a layer named Background in Layer panel. You can delete any part of this layer. To do so you have to change the name of layer or by using Background Eraser. Just click on the Background layer and then pick Background Eraser tool, start erasing your desire part. When you will leave the left click you will find the name of background layer is now changed.

Magic Eraser tool magic-eraser-tool:

It is very important tool. By using this tool you can erase any color anywhere from the layer. First of all activate the layer by click on its name in Layer panel. Then pick this tool and you will find Tolerance box in the Top Property Panel. If you write bigger number there then it will delete the more part of the color, and lesser number will delete lesser color. In property bar Contigious is very important, if you switch it off and click anywhere, it will only erase color which is associated with that color but adjacent to that color, while switching off will erase that color anywhere in that layer. Like:


Sample all layers is also very important. Suppose you have 2 different layers but having same object (like above). Select layer 1 and click on any color in layer 2, Layer 1 color will be deleted (by switching off this command will not delete anything).



CROP TOOL crop-tool

(Shortcut Key C)

This tool is used to cut the extra areas around the file. Suppose you have taken larger file and you have done work in smaller areas. Now you want to get rid of the extra areas, for this just pick this tool and make selection like Rectangular Marquee tool. When you select the area, it will become brighter and areas around will become darker. You can adjust the selection by holding it form the edges, when you think that now area is sufficient then hit <Enter> key.


Crop tool used here:


Now after cropping (by pressing <Enter> key) all extra area deleted:


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