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Free Flash Carousel Animations

Now its time to present some nice Carousel Animations for Flash Animators, some are free and for some you have to pay something. But majority are offering Free animations.

1. FLShow.net:


New features are:

  • Swf movies in place of photos;
  • Fully customizable titles and title box;
  • Customizable loading messages.


From: http://www.flshow.net/


2. Flashmo.com



From: http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_057_carousel_xml


3. FlashXML.net:


You can change the settings by using the following menu:



From: http://www.flashxml.net/3d-carousel-menu.html


4. IsGoodStuff.Com:



From: http://www.isgoodstuff.com/2008/05/28/free-flash-carousel-slideshow/


5. FreeComponents.Net:


This is a 3D carousel whose purpose is to show you the code of how to create a 3D rotating carousel.


From: http://www.freecomponents.net/flash-files/3D-Carousel_11.html


6. TheFlashBlog.Com:



From: http://theflashblog.com/?p=293


7. Flash-Gallery-Software.Com


Created by Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory


From: http://www.flash-gallery-software.com/flash-gallery-template/3d-carousel-flash-template.html


8. Flash-Slide-Show.Com:



From: http://www.flash-slide-show.com/flash-gallery-templates/3d-carousel-template.html


9. Photo-Flash-Maker.Com:



From: http://www.photo-flash-maker.com/flash-template-carousel.html


10. FlashTuning.Net:



From: http://www.flashtuning.net/components/3D-Buttons-Carousel-AS-2.0_9.html

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  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the nice collection of carousel menus. I personally like the 3D Carousel Menu – i like that it has the control panel and I can see live the modifications I want to make. I was a little unsure about some features, but after reading Monica’s comment I sent an e-mail to the support team and they helped me straight away. Really nice, and I have integrated Lightbox in the images too to showcase the images. Recommend it, http://www.flashxml.net/3d-carousel-menu.html

    *to ferry, please stop posting useless comments. Thank you!

  2. I was a little skeptical with your reply guys, Kyle and Rob… the list contains a lot of really nice carousel menus.
    However you were right, although you were kind of slim on the details. The #3 component from flashxml.net is interesting as it allows you to change the component’s settings (size, colors, speed, animations, roll over effects) straight from the live control panel.
    Once you customize the carousel you just have to copy/paste the XML code the control panel generates.
    It’s a bit weird that you have to upload a bunch of files to your server, as everything is not in one SWF, but the end result looks really nice.
    Thank you publisher!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for this collection of carousels. I have tested almost all of them and I have to say that the best one seems to be number 3, from http://www.flashxml.net, it’s very customizable.

  4. Nice idea! Thanks for this blog. I wasn’t finding a carousel that can be customized so much until i found http://www.flashxml.net
    My life is more easier now! Thanks again guys!!!

  5. Thank you! Your post saved me a lot of trouble. I needed a carousel to show the covers of my books and i found the all here.
    I personally chose the flashxml 3D carousel because their support was kind enough to help me install it since i am not very good at this. Once again thank you!

    • Thank you so much for liking our post, that is the purpose of our blog to support and help everybody. We are trying to give as much information as we can. Comments like yours boost up our courage a lot…

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