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Glassy Balls in Photoshop

Hope you have visited Glass objects in Coreldraw here, but now I’m going to tell you this technique in Photoshop, hopefully you will like this.

1. Create a new file of any size, I’m creating 560x400px with 72 resolution and RGB colorscheme. Fill it with any color, I’m filling with white (#ffffff) color.

2. Press D to bring default black and white colors in Color palette. Now pick Elliptical Marquee tool ellipse-tool and draw a circle while holding Shift key.


3. Now run the command Layer >> layer styles >> Gradient Overlay. Create the gradient like shown below:


this is the gradient which I made:


After pressing ok, you will get the following result:


4. Now run the command, Layer >> Layer Styles >> Inner Shadow and give the following settings:


you will get some kind of this result:


5. Now press X to exchange the black and white colors in color palette, again pick Elliptical marquee tool ellipse-tool and draw an ellipse like shown below (you will get white ellipse):


6. Now pick Eraser Tool eraser-tool and with 150 px feathered brush, erase the bottom part of this ellipse like shown below:


7. Again press D to bring default black and white colors in color palette and again pick Elliptical Marquee tool ellipse-tool and draw an ellipse at the bottom of this circle like shown below:


8. Run the command Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur and give the following settings:


this effect should come:


9. Now select blue circle layer and press Ctrl+J to copy it, create new layer and by select this new layer and the copied layer press Ctrl+E to merge these two layer. Now pick Move Tool and press Ctrl+T (Transform), pick the center node while holding Alt key and move that node on the bottom center node, now right click on it and select Flip Vertical then press <Enter> key, you will get some thing like this:


10. Again using Eraser tool eraser-tool, erase the bottom part of this copied circle like shown below:


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