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Glossy Buttons in CorelDraw

You must have used this technique in Photoshop, but here I’m going to tell you how we can do this in CorelDraw, hope you will like this.

1. Take any new file in Coreldraw and pick Ellipse tool ellipse-tool and draw any Circle (to draw circle just hold Ctrl key while drawing the ellipse), suppose we are drawing circle of size 3×3 inches. like:


2. Now we need to pick a Color from Color Palette, we would be using Default CMYK color Palette (to open this palette run the command, Window >> Color Palette >> Default CMYK Palette), pick the Cyan color cyan (C100 M0 Y0 K0) from there (or any color of your choice).

3. Now from the Toolbar pick Interactive Fill Tool interactive-fill-tool (before picking this tool keep selecting the circle). From the property Panel select Radial from Fill type, as shown below:


You will get something like this:


4. Now press F11 key (Fountain Fill, or you can pick Fountain Fill fountain-fill tool from the left toolbar), Select Radial from Type, give 10 in the Edge Pad, now click on Custom. Now select left small square and click on Others button, now put C100 M80 Y40 K10, now Double Click on Left small square, you will get a reverse triangle. Move this triangle at 30 and select C85 M0 Y0 K0 then double click on Right small square and select C40 M0 Y0 K0, in the last single click on right small square and select C40 M0 Y0 K0. Like shown below:


After clicking Ok remove the outline by right clicking on the None Color in color palette. You will get this:


5. Now draw another Circle it should be smaller than the previous one, put White color inside it and move it on Center Horizontally and slight below the top of previous circle


6. Now while selecting this small circle, pick Interactive Transparency Tool interactive-transparency-tool and from the top Property bar select Linear and drag mouse from Top to bottom, (don’t touch the bottom part of the circle), as shown below:


you will get this:


by using this technique you can make even buttons like:



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