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Real Water Drops in Photoshop

This is very simple but attractive Photoshop Tutorial, in this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to make Real Water Drops in Photoshop. This technique will teach you how to make Water drops, it will give some kind of real Water drops over any object.

1. Create a new file of size 560×400 px with 72 resolution and RGB color mode, don’t worry about the bg.

2. Pick Gradient tool gradient-tool and draw the gradient by using the #07cbfd and #0486aa colors:


3. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Styles >> Inner Glow and give the following settings:


you will get this result:


4. Now create a new layer and then pick Brush Tool brush-tool and by using the following settings click on the middle part like shown below:


5. Press Ctrl+T (transform) and reduce the width like shown below and press <Enter> key:


6. Move this layer towards up so that you should see only the bottom part of this dot, now change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay from layer panel:


7. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate this layer and reduce the size to 50%:


8. Create a new layer and fill it with any color and then run the command Layer >> layer styles >> Gradient Overlay, pick any gradient of many colors like shown below and give the following settings:


you will get something like this:


9. Create a new layer and merge this gradient layer with it by selecting both and pressing Ctrl+E, now press Ctrl+Shift+U (Image >> Adjustment >> Hue/Desaturate) to remove the colors like:


10. Run the command Filter >> Others >> High Pass and give the following settings:


11. Press Ctrl+J 3 times and merge all these layers:


12. From layer panel select blending option as Overlay instead of Normal:


13. Now pick Brush Tool brush-tool and press F5 (Window >> Brushes command) give the following settings:



14. Create new layer and click on different places randomly like shown below:


15. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Styles >> Drop Shadow then Inner Shadow then Bevel & Emboss and give the following settings from their relevant boxes:




16. Here is the result when you hit OK button:


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