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How to make Ice Cubes in Photoshop?

Some kind of long Tutorial to make Ice Cubes in Photoshop, so get ready to be Chilled.

1. Take a new file of size 560x400px with 72 resolution and RGB color mode

2. Pick Pen tool pen-tool and draw the shape like shown below:


3. Right click anywhere and select Make selection, give 0px in feather and hit ok, stunning-mesh-tut54-2

you will get this:


4. Create new layer and fill with # 3f8cdc color, Select Burn Tool burn-tool and take smaller brush (10px) and brush on the edges like shown below, also brush insde the box to make it as Cube:


5. Now Pick Dodge tool dodge-tool and highligh some parts like shown below:


6. Take new layer and pick Pen tool pen-tool and draw the following shape and fill it with #65b1d8 color:


7. Again create the following shape with the help of Pen tool pen-tool or Lasso Tool lasso-tool:


8. Pick Dodge tool dodge-tool and press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection and then Highlight some parts like shown below:


9. Again press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection and then by using Dodge tool dodge-tool Highlight some parts like shown below:


10. Again Pick Pen Tool pen-tool and create a new layer and make the shape as shown below and then fill it by #65b1d8 color.


11. Make the selection as shown below by using Pen Tool pen-tool:


12. Pick Dodge tool dodge-tool and press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection, Hightlight some parts like shown below:


13. Press Ctrl+Shift+I to bring selection back and hightlight some parts like shown below by using Dodge Tool dodge-tool:


14. Now Repeat these steps for the Right Side as shown below:


15. Create new layer and make the following selection and fill it with #085278 color:


16. Create some dark shading by using Burn Tool burn-tool, then make the selection like shown below and hightlight some parts by using Dodge tool dodge-tool:


17. Now make the following selection and Create new layer:


18. Again by using Burn burn-tool and Dodge tool dodge-tool create some dark and bright shading. Now pick Elliptical Marquee Selection elliptical-marquee-tool tool and draw an ellipse like shown below:


19. Creat new layer and fill it with same color and then by using Burn burn-tool and Dodge tool dodge-tool create the dark and bright shades like shown below:


20. Copy this Drop and reduce the sizes and width and paste it on different locations like shown below:


21. Now select all layers except Background layer and press Ctrl+E to merge all layers, then goto Image >> Adjustment >> Photo Filter, give the following settings:


You will get something like this result:


22. Now run the command Image >> Adjustment >> Brightness/Contrast, give the following settings:


Result should be something like shown below:


23. Now press Ctrl+J to copy it, press Ctrl+[ to bring it behind original one, reduce the opacity to 11%, you will get this finally:


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  1. Dude, great post. I wasn’t looking to make any ice cubes but you sure made it interesting to see how it is done. Great share, it’s appreciated.

    • Thanks Baccuss Keep Visiting And Suggest us for more Changes in out Site, we want Our Visiters to feel easy while surfing our web 🙂

  2. amazing tutorial with tips and tricks.

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