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Knitting Wires Pattern in Photoshop

Very short tutorial, it will teach you how to make a Pattern giving effect of Steel Knitting Wire. So hopefully you will like it.

1. Take a new file of size 560x560px, with 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

2. Now pick Rectangular Marquee Selection tool and make a small selection of size 2x20px, take new layer and press D to bring default black and white colors in Color Palette, then press X to exchange these colors (white will come over).

3. Pick Gradient Tool and select Linear from its type and drag from top to bottom to make the following gradient.

4. Press Ctrl+J to copy this layer and press Ctrl+T and rotate it at 90 degree like:

5. Press Ctrl+J again to copy it and then press Ctrl+T, right click on it and select Flip Horizontal and move the layer towards it left side to make the shape like this:

6. Now by copying these layers, join all these like shown below. Select all layers and leave Background layer. Press Ctrl+E to merge all these layers.

7. By using Rectangular Marquee Selection tool, select as shown below: (leave one pixel from right and bottom)

8. Now run the command Edit >> Define Pattern. Give any name like ‘stunningmesh’, hit ok.

9. Press Ctrl+D to remove the selection. Then delete this layer.

10. Now take new layer and fill it with black. Run the command, Layer >> Layer Style >> Pattern Overlay. Select Pattern from Use list, then select the pattern which you just made from Custom Pattern List. (It will be in the last from List).

11. Here will be the final result which you will get.

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