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See through Glass

In this Tutorial I’m going to show scene behind a Glass. I mean suppose you have a Glass picture and you want to place it on another picture but also wanted to see the scene through the Glass. I got this tutorial after working hard, because it is very important technique, no doubt.

1. Lets start with 2 Pictures, 1 picture of Glass and other any scene picture. like shown below:

2. Now first goto glass picture and by using any selection tool, make selection around the glass. Then save this selection by using the command Select >> Save Selection. Give it any name and hit ok:

3. Press Ctrl+D to remove the selection and then duplicate this by running the command Image >> Duplicate (give it any name).

4. Now change is mode to Gray scale by running the command, Image >> Mode >> Grayscale.

5. Now open the selection which you just save, but running the command, Select >> Load selection.

6. Press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection and fill it with 50% gray. Like shown below:

7. Deselect it by pressing Ctrl+D. Run the command Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur. Just give small radius and then Save this file as PSD. (Give the name, like stunning-glass.psd)

8. Now open a the Scene file on which you want to place the Glass. Give is slight Blur by using the command Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur with small amount of Radius. You can also place any object over which you want to place the Glass. Like:

9. Now go back to your stunning-glass.psd file. Load the selection and press Ctrl+C to copy the glass and come back to scene file and press Ctrl+V to paste it. Like:

10. Now goto Layer Panel and select Hard Light instead of Normal from Blending mode, you will get this:

11. Now again goto Layer panel and double click on the Glass layer (don’t double click over the name of layer). At the bottom of Blending Option box, you will see two small black rectangles under, UnderLying Layers, hold Alt key and move right black rectangle towards right to adjust the refinement, like:

12. Now if you want to give the glass any color, just press Ctrl+J to duplicate the glass layer and from layer panel hit Lock Transparent Pixel icon and fill the glass with any color. From layer panel select Overlay from blending mode and then reduce the opacity to 25% like:

You will get this result:

13. Now its time to distort the picture behind Glass so it will give reality look. For this purpose select the background layer on which Scene is present. Hold Ctrl key and click thumbnail of the Glass layer (it will give marquee around Glass). Now run the command Filter >> Distort >> Glass. From the Load menu, select your File (stunning-glass.psd), give Scalling to 100% and adjust the Distortion Slider to make effect accordingly and hit ok,

you will get something like this:

14. You can also add some detailing into it:

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