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Lead Pencil in Photoshop

 Today we are going to make a Lead Pencil. Here you will be using some Gradients effect and some shapes. So some tools also involved making this tutorial.

1. Lets start with a new file of any size. Pick Rectangle tool  and draw a rectangle having any color, I’m going to make Green pencil, so using #80AF2A color.

2. Press Ctrl + J to duplicate it and by using Rectangular Marquee tool , delete the lower portion of the rectangle and fill the remaining part with darker green as #446A00

3. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate this newly created rectangle and move it down and fill it with lighter green as # 7BAC22

4. Now pick Pen Tool  and make the Head part of the pencil, like shown below and fill it with any color, I’m filling with #C0A361

5. Bring White color in the Foreground color palette. Pick Move tool  and click on the thumbnail of the newly created shape, it will bring Marquee around it. Take new layer and then Pick Gradient tool  (with White to Transparent Gradient), fill the selection from bottom to top, like shown below:

6. Its time to create Carbon now, pick Pen tool   and take new layer and make the shape like shown below and fill it with Black color:

7. Now we are going to make the other terminal of the Pencil (i.e. where Eraser found), Create box there and fill it with Gray color:

8. Now we are giving some details, but adding vertical lines there having white colors:

9. Now we are going to give some shade there, select the box again and pick Gradient Tool  and with Black to Transparent, draw from top to bottom:

10. It will look like this:

11. By using same technique we are going to give White shade from bottom to top, like:

12. Now its time to make Eraser at the end, by using Pen tool , draw the shape shown below and give the gradient from Darker (#4E332E) to lighter (#FFCAC1), as:

13. Now draw thin lines in between Green shapes and fill it with #84CC00 color:

Here is our Final Pencil, you can put your text on it and give the Shade, like:

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