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Magical Hat in Photoshop.

In this tutorial we will be having some Fun. We are going to make a Magical hat, not a difficult tutorial, hopefully you will like it.

1. Start with a new canvas of size 560x560px with black background. Now by using Pen tool  draw the shape like shown below:

2. Now run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay and give the following gradient.

3. Drawn Shape will look like this:

4. Create new layer and by using Pen tool  draw the shape shown below:

5. Keep selecting this layer, give the following Styles to this layer by running the command, Layer >> Layer Style >> Drop Shadow

6. You will get something like this:

7. Now by using Elliptical Tool , create an elliptical shape at top of the hat with black color. Like shown below:

8. I am now giving the stroke in Gradient, run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke and give the following setting:

9. You will get something like this:

10. Now again by using Elliptical Tool, draw an ellipse over the previous ellipse but smaller in size, like:

11. Now apply the gradient over it:

12. You will get this result.

13. Now I’m placing a Magic Stick over it, you can use Rectangular tool to draw the stick and by giving the Gradient overlay, here is the final result you will get:

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  1. nice tutorial in very simple way

  2. Nice efforts by photoshop Guru 🙂

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