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Realistic I-pod in photoshop

Today we are going to create an IPod in Photoshop, we will not be going in Detail, it will be very simple and hopefully you will enjoy making it.

1. Lets start with a new File of size 560×400 with light Background. Draw a slight rounded rectangle on it by using Rectagular Tool :

2. Now we are going to fill the color, run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Color over lay and give the color number #C50079:

3. Click on Inner Glow and Give the following Setting:

4. Now Hit Ok and then Draw another Rounded Rectangle, almost half in Height and slight shorter in Width, give it Black color, like:

5. Run the command, Layer >> Layer Style >> Bevel and Emboss and give the following settings:

6. Now draw another Rounded Rectangle smaller in size and lighter in Color, like shown below:

7. Now pick Elliptical Tool and draw a Circle in white color just below the Black screen, (to move it in the center press Ctrl+A and pick Move tool and from property panel select Center Horitontally)

8. Now type the text, MENU, VOL and Arrow Keys (you can pick these Shapes from Custom Shape icon):

9. Select your first Rectangular Shape layer (purple one) and hold Ctrl key and click on its Thumbnail from Layer panel, it will bring marquee around the rectangle:

10. Create new layer and pick Polygonal Lasso tool  and hold Alt key and remove the left partion of the selection and fill it with white and then reduce the opacity of this layer to 20%:

After pressing Ctrl+D (Deselect) you will get this:

11. Now you can give some Details by showing its shadow, here you will get final IPod:

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