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Continuous Picture slide in Flash

On some project you must be requiring products scroll from any direction, but you need it should scroll forever without any interruption & jerk and no body should know that which one is first picture and which is last picture. So I’m going to tell you a technique in Flash, so that you can create a continuous slide. I’m also going to put Source FLA file. Very very useful technique, must try please, not a difficult tutorial.

1. Lets collect some pictures of same sizes (it is not compulsory), but to give better look I’ve made same sizes 6 pictures, so these will scroll smoothly without any break or jerk.

2. Take a new file of your required size in Flash. The height of this file should be same of height of Picture if you want to scroll picture from left to right or right to left. As my picture size is 250width x 200 height, so I’m going to take new file of size 560 width x 200 height in Flash. Frame per seconds depend upon you, so I’m taking 36 frames per second with any background.

3. Now Import all pictures to Stage and place these pictures side by side with each other, without any gap in between, like:

4. Now Press Ctrl+A to select all then press Ctrl+G to make the group, press Ctrl+C to copy these and then press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste in place. Then adjust these pictures towards the right side of all these pictures, without giving any gap in between, like:

5. Again press Ctrl+A to select all and then press Ctrl+G to convert these into one group. Now align these pictures towards the left side of the stage, vertically center of stage like:

6. Now decide how many frames animation you need, then goto that frame, press F5 key and then right click on it and select Create Classic Tween (for Flash CS and for older version you have to select Creation Motion Tween) and then hit F6 key.

7. Now here is the Tricky part, keep selecting the last frame and move all pictures towards left side, unless First picture of Copied picture should come at same place where the first picture of original picture was in the first frame, like (you can place Guideline towards the left side of First picture to remember the place):

8. Press Ctrl+Enter to run it and you will see this animation will be continuous and without any break or jerk. Here is the preview for you:

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    useful techniques you sharing. thanks

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