Now there is another Vector based tutorial using Illustrator. In this tutorial we will make abstract background. It is very easy and short tutorial, must try it.

1. Lets start with a new file. By using Gradient tool, fill it with Orange (#df7a28) to Dark yellow (#fdbb1f) colors:

2. By using Penl Tool, create the following line having White color:

3. Now create another Abstract line, as shown below:

4. Goto Object >> Blend >> Blending Option and give these details:

5. Now select both lines and run the command Object >> Blend >> Make. Select Make and hit OK:

6. See the result below:

7. Now I’m making another shape but this time using different lines:

8. Again select both lines and run Object >> Blend >> Make:

9. See the result:

After making these kind of shapes, you can copy them and flip horizontal or vertical and reduce their opacity