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Ice Cream shop in illustrator

I’ve already published how to make Icons using Photoshop, now I’m going to tell you Vectorized Icons in Illustrator. You can make your own choice icon, I’m here going to make a Shop/House Icon. So lets begin.

1. Lets start with a new File. Pick Rectangular tool and draw a rectangle as shown below: (it will be the wall of  house for our icon)

2. Now make two more rectangles like shown below, one would be for Window and other would be for Door

3. Now select these shapes and run the command, Object >> Path >> Offset and give the following setting:

This result should come:

4. Now I’m going to give Gradient in the background. I’m going to give Radial Gradient with light gray around and light gray in the middle.

5. Now I’m going to give Colors to Window and Door. For window and door boundary I’m going to give #444444, you can use your own choice:

6. Now I’m going to make Gradients for Window and Door inside color, I’m using #0C8CF7 and #1BC1FF:

7. Now to give a bit shiny or glossy look, I’m using Pen tool to draw a rectangle over the door as shown below, fill it with white color and give the opacity 20%:

8. Repeat this step for Window too:

9. To create Floor draw a long rectangle and and give it gradient by using the following colors:

10. Now press Ctrl+C to copy it and then Ctrl+V to paste it, reduce its size and put it under Window, like:

11. Now I’m going to create a Shade over the house, use Pen Tool and draw the following Shapes having two different colors: (I’ve mentioned Color Numbers from which I’ve made Gradient)

12. Now copy these two shapes and put them aside like shown below:

13. Select all shapes and run the command, Effects >> Warp >> Bulge and apply these setting:

This result should come:

14. Copy all these shapes and fill with black color, put these shapes behind colored shapes and it will give shadow look:

15. While keep selecting black shapes run the command Effect >> Gaussian Blur, give some point and hit OK:

16. You can also add some text on Window:

Here is our Final Ice cream Shop.

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  1. step 13 doesnt make any sense. The setting must be wrong because when i use the same numbers the shapes turn into rediculous proportions, any suggestions?


  2. Really good visual appeal on this site, I’d value it 10 10.

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