This is very very important and useful Tutorial. Many people wanted to delete the background of their picture, but they must be finding difficulty if picture is having Hair flying in the air and they don’t want to delete these Hair. So here I’m going to tell you how you can remove the Background without removing the Hair.

1. Lets start with a Picture. If you have your own the well and good, if you don’t have, then find one through NET.

2. Go to Channel Panel, by running the command Window >> Channel  and select Blue channel.

3. Create a copy of Blue channel as you see in below image (by right clicking on Blue layer and selecting Duplicate Channel), we will work in this channel now:

4. Now Bring Curves dialogue box  by running the command Image >> Adjustments >> Curves or just press CTRL+M to bring the dialogue box and give the following settings:

5. Now by using any selection tool, select the inner part of your picture, you can do this by using Pen Tool

6. Fill the selection with Black color (don’t take any new layer):

7. Pick smooth brush and change the mode of layer from Normal to Overlay. Don’t forget to select the Black color from Foreground color palette.

8. Now drag your brush over hair as shown below:

9. Now pick Move tool  and hold Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail of Blue copy Layer, it will bring Marquee around the picture.

10. Now click on the RGb in Channel Panel:

Come back to Layer Panel. Hit Delete key and then press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection, press Ctrl+C to copy it then Ctrl+V to paste it:

See the bottom result:

12. Now delete your original layer:

13. Take new layer behind this picture and apply any gradient or color or any picture behind this picture:

Here I’ve pasted original and after changing the background and see the hair, these are visible without any change: