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An Abstract Background

Here is another stunning effect, you can make different backgrounds by using this effect. Not a long tutorial and not a boring also, so hopefully you will also make this.

1. Lets start with an empty new file of any size, I’ve taken 560×400 size. Fill it with Black color.

2. Create new Layer and pick Brush tool  with Soft edges with Large Size and with White color in foreground (by pressing D and then X). Click on the center of the document to make a Spot like:

3. Press Ctrl+T (Transform) and then reduce the height as shown below:

4. Now press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and then reduce the size and position as shown below:

5. Repeat this step two times and then move the spot like shown below:

6. Now we are going to create our own brush, press F5 key and give the following settings:

7. Create new layer and pick Pen tool  and draw the shape as shown below: (Don’t convert it into Selection)

8. Press A (Path Selection Tool ) and right click anywhere and select Stroke Path:

9. From the box select Brush, check Simulate Pressure and then Press ok (then right click on it again and select Delete Path):

10. Now go to Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur and apply these setting:

This kind of effect should come:

11. Pick Move tool  and then press Ctrl+T (Transform) and right click on it and select Skew and by using left or right node make the shape like shown below and press Enter key:

12. Now change its angle and then duplicate is few more times and adjust these like shown below:

13. I’m now going to duplicate the Bottom shape and then reducing the height and size and changing the angle and position, like shown below:

14. So I’ve make something like this:

15. Select all layers and press Ctrl+E to merge all layers. Now press Ctrl+M (or goto Image >> Adjustment >> Curves) and make the line as:

16. Now press Ctrl+B (or goto Image >> Adjustment >> Color Balance) and give these settings:

17. Again press Ctrl+B (Color Balance) and this time give the following settings:

18. Again press Ctrl+B (Color Balance) and change the settings as shown below:

This kind of Background you will have:

19. Now go to Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen. Repeat this step three more time by pressing Ctrl+F three time, so this kind of final Background you will have:

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