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Convert Picture into Sketch

Sometimes you need your picture to be converted into Text, you may find difficulty doing this. You wanted to use your picture on some places but you also need that your picture should be having Transparent BG, so I’m going to tell you a technique, so you can place this sketch anywhere.

1. Open any image in Photoshop:

2. Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Glowing Edge and apply these settings:

After hitting ok your picture should look like this:

3. Now go to Select >> Color Range, increase the Fuzziness from the box (it will select larger area), and then click on the Black area of the picture:

4. After hitting OK, you will see all black areas would be selected, these ares are useless for us, so hit DEL key to delete these areas:

5. We need only objects of our picture, so press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse selection, and press CTR L+C to copy and CTR L+V to paste. Now hide the  original layer, fill the new layer with any color, I filled it with black color:

6. You can give any color and then you can place it anywhere over any object, here is the example:

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  1. Show o tutorial, pena não ser muito detalhado, mas deu pra agilizar uns trabalhos. Muito bom esse site.

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