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Outline Sketch Text

Very nice technique to make your text as Outline Sketch. Short and impressive tutorial. You will really love to make this. Some Filters involve making this tutorial.

1. Lets start with a new file, fill it with #D7C6A8 color:

2. Type your text I typed Stunning Mesh in Black color:

3. Now change the Fill Opacity from Layer panel to 0 and then run the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Bevel and Emboss and give the following settings:

This kind of look will come:

4. Pick Line Tool  with 1 px and in black color, draw some lines vertically on the edges of some characters like show below:

5. Merge all Lines layers in on layer and go to Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur and apply these setting:

This kind of effect should come:

6. Now draw Horizontally Lines by using Line Tool with one px:

7. Again merge all these Horizontal lines and go to Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur and give these settings:

8. Merge all layers with background layer and run the command Filter >> Brush Stroke >> Spatter and apply these settings:

This kind of effect should come:

9. Now go to Filter >> Texture >> Texturizer and apply these setting:

This kind of effect should come after hitting Ok:

10. Now goto Filter >> Noise >> Add Noise and apply these settings:

Here is the Final Look:

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