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Text on Abstract Background with Floral in Illustrator

Here is another nice Text Effect Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. In this tutorial you will find a way to make an abstract background then you will be writing your name over it having Floral in Illustrator. Many things for you to learn in this tutorial.

1. Lets start with a new Empty file. Pick Rectangle Tool  and draw a rectangle of your own size, no worries about Color as we will be putting Gradient over it.

2. Select it and pick Gradient Tool  and press Ctrl+F9 to open Gradient Panel. Make the gradient by using #800000 and #2c0003 colors:

3. Pick Line Segment tool  and draw a line having 45 degree angle (by holding Shift key), white color and 3 px size:

4. Copy this line and place it towards right side with some distance in between, like:

5. Select both lines and go to Object >> Blend >> Make (or just press Alt+Ctrl+B)

6. Now go to Object >> Blend >> Blend Option and apply these setting:

This kind of effect should come:

7. While keep selecting all lines, go to, Object >> Expand,

then give the Gradient as shown below, by using #260000, #e70000 and #2d0305 colors and the following positions:

8. Pick Ellipse tool  and draw an ellipse having #a50300 color:

9. Now go to Object >> Path >> Offset Path and give these settings:

This kind of effect should come:

10. Now again select the shape and go to Object >> Path >> Offset Path and give the following setting and reduce the opacity to 0%:

Here is the look

11. During normal view, it will be having like this:

12. Press F5 key (or go to Window >> Brushes) to open Brush panel. Pick your last ellipse and drag it on Brushes Panel, a dialogue box will appear, select New Scatter Brush from it:

When you will hit Ok, another box will come, give these settings in that box:

13. Now pick Paint Brush  tool and drag it like wave to make the following shape, but don’t forget to select your shape before using Brush tool.

14. Duplicate this for few more times, change the opacity and blending options for each wave:

This kind of effect should come:

15. Now draw another Circle but this time larger in size and having #bc0000 color:

16. Select it and go to Effect >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur and give these setting:

17. Duplicate it for few more time and change the size and opacity of each spot:

18. This will be our Background:

19. Now type your desire text, I’ve typed Stunning Mesh and give it following gradient:

20. Now using Pen Tool , draw two different Petals, having different Gradient, like shown below:

21. Copy and paste these Flora, and change the Gradient and place it around the text as shown below:

22. Now I’m going to give 2px Light Red gradient to our text for better look and see the final image below:

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