Broken Text in Illustrator

Sometimes you need a different style of Titles, while working on any Printing material, so here I’m going to tell you a different technique to make your text broken in Illustrator.

1. Start with a new document, and type your desire text and apply font of your desire, I’ve typed Stunning Mesh and applied Debas Font:

2. Select the text and go to Object >> Expand and press ok. It will separate all letters of your text.  Now pick Direct Selection tool  and change the size of some letters as shown below:

3. Pick Pen tool  and draw some shapes as I’ve mentioned below, don’t worry about color:

4. Pick Direct Selection tool and select these shapes one by one and run the command Object >> Path >> Divide Object Below. It will Trim the shape from the text:

5. I’ve mentioned this in below, just see S, it is divided into 3 parts now:

6. While Direct Selection tool still on, click on this small part and hit Delete key to delete this part:

7. One by one select these parts and hit Delete key to delete these parts:

This kind of effect should come:

8. Now this text has been converted into many parts, by using Direct Selection tool select some tiny parts and change their places to give some broken effect:

Here is the effect after changing the positions:

9. Now you can change the colors of these parts to give different look. I’ve done it and mentioned below in 3 different styles:

3 Responses to “Broken Text in Illustrator”
  1. Global

    Great tutorial.

  2. Kyle O'Brien

    Great simple tutorial. Was looking for a pre-made font like this when I searched google. I was not expecting to make my own. Thanks again!

  3. Jedidiah

    Can this be done as a pathfinder from the effect menu?

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