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Another attractive text effect in Photoshop for you, after making some simple steps you can also make this. Hopefully you will like this effect.

1. Lets start with a new file in Photoshop, I’ve taken 560×400 px size file with RGB color mode and 72 DPI.

2. Now you have to find a background for your text, I’m using this:

3. Now write your text over it, if your text contains more than 1 line then write only first line, no matter what color you are using, just type your text and don’t forget to switch on Small Caps from Character Panel, i.e.

I’ve written this text:

4. Now its time to apply some Layer Styles over it, I’m going to use Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Gradient Overlay and Stroke one by one, here are the relevant settings for each command:

Layer >> Layer Style >> Drop Shadow:

Layer >> Layer Style >> Inner Shadow:

Layer >> Layer Style >> Outer Glow:

Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay:

Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke:

You will get this kind of effect:

5. Now right click on this text layer name in the Layer Panel and select Copy Layer Style. Then write your other text at your desire location, I’ve written this:

6. Right click on the name of this Text Layer in Layer Panel and then select Paste Layer Style, you will get this result:

7. Now take a new Set (Group) from the Bottom of Layer Panel, i.e. and put these two text layers inside it:

8. Right click on this layer Set (Group) name and select Duplicate Group. Then again right click on the Set name and select Duplicate group. You will get this:

9. Select these two newly copied groups and press Ctrl+E one by one and put these two layers beneath the original Group layer, as:

10. Now select anyone of the copied Group layer and run the command, Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur, give the following setting and from the Layer Panel reduce its Fill Opacity to 50%:

You will get this kind of effect:

11. Now select the other Copied Group and then run the command, Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur and give the following settings and then reduce its Fill Opacity to 50%:

this kind of result should come:

12. Now its time to give some detailing, Pick Brush Tool  and pick any Star Brush  (if you don’t have then you can download some brushes from here). Take new layer and Click on different places on text, so finally you will get this result:

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