Here is another tutorial in 3D Studio Max. Though it is basic and simple but having very useful Modeling technique. Noise Modifier and MeshSmooth used to make these stairs, by using Noise Modifier you can create Water Effect, Bumpy Surface, Noisy surface etc. I’m also going to upload Source MAX file so you can check it by yourself.


1. Work in a new file in 3D Studio Max. Now create a box from Standard Primitives and give the following parameters.

This kind of box would come:

2. Select the box and go the modifiers list and select MeshSmooth:

It will smoothen the box like:

3. Select the box and goto Modifier again:

add Noise Modifier this time and give the following parameters:

you will get something like this:

4. Copy selected box using (shift + Up Arrow Key):

5. Reduce the height of this object and increase the height and width a little bit and change the parameters of the Noise as shown below:

you will get something like this:

6. Select these both objects and copy these objects in the pattern as shown below:

7. Select each object one by one and change the Seeds of Noise setting for each objects:

You will get something like this:

8. Now create another box having the following parameters:

9. Place it like show below:

10. Select this box and apply MeshSmooth Modifier as:

Box will become like this:

11. Now Add noise having the following Parameters:

Box will turn into like this:

12. Press ‘M’ to open Material Editor and select the First material slot:

13. Click on the Diffuse button and click on the bitmap button to add texture:

14. Drag and drop the material on the following objects, Turn on Show Standard map in ViewPort to view texture in viewport:

15. Set the following parameters now:

16. This texture used here:

17. Now select the second material slot, add another texture, we are using the follwing this time:

18. Do the same procedure like we did with previous material and apply this Material on the following objects:

19. Apply same texture on the side wall like:

20. Now to give some detailing, apply Lights and Environment and you will get the final Rusty Stairs as shown below: