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In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how you can make a text having the Ribbon look in Photoshop. Not a difficult tutorial but may be a lengthy one, hopefully you will enjoy making it. I’m going to make ‘SM’ i.e. abbreviation of Stunningmesh.

1. First of all take a new file of size 560×400 with RGB color mode and 72 DPI resolution. Now paste any silky background in it, like:

2. Take new layer and pick Rectangular Marquee Selection Tool and draw a marquee of around 40 px wide and 140 px heigh and fill it with any color:

3. Press Ctrl+D to deselect it. Now give the following pattern by running the command Layer >> Layer Style >> Pattern Overlay and give the following settings:

(if you don’t have this pattern, don’t worry, you can download these kind of patterns by visiting this page). Right click on the name of layer in Layer Panel and select Copy Layer Style, as we would be using this style later in this tutorial.

4. By using Pen Tool , select the top part of this strip as shown below:

Hit Del key to delete this part, so you will be using this strip for Vertical Ribbon in whole tutorial. You will get this ribbon:

5. Take New layer and by using Rectangular Marquee tool draw a rectangle of size 70px width and 40px height at the following location:

Fill it with any color and in Layer Panel, right click of this layer and select Paste Layer Style (as we have copied previous layer style).

6. Take new layer and hold shift key and select previous layer in which we made rectangle of size 70px x 40px. Press Ctrl+E to merge these two layers and run the command, Image >> Adjustment >> Brightness/Contrast and give the following settings:

you may have something like this:

7. Now select the vertical light orange strip (which we made first), press Ctrl+J to duplicate it, move it towards the right side of the dark orange rectangle, press Ctrl+T to transform, right click on it and select Flip Horizontal, hit <Enter> key. Delete the lower right corner by using Pen Tool , and you should have this strip of size 40px wide and 120 px heigh, as shown below:

8. Select the dark orange rectangle and press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. Press Ctrl+Up Arrow key eight times so you will get this:

9. Select the right vertical light orange strip, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it, press Ctrl+T and right click on it and select Flip Horizontally, hit <Enter> key and move it towards right side as shown below:

10. Select the second dark orange rectangle, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and press Shift + Up Arrow eight time to place it at the following position:

11. Select the first vertical light orange strip, press Ctrl+J, then Ctrl+T and right click on it and select Flip Horizontal and then Flip Vertical, hit <Enter> key and move it on top right at the following location:

12. By using same technique make another strip of size 40px width and 300 height as shown below:

13. Copy the dark orange horizontal rectangle and cut its width so that you should have only 20 px wide and place it at the following position:

14. Now make the following strip of size 40 px width and 100 px height and place it at the following location:

15. To avoid feeling you bore, I’m making the remaining part, you just have to copy paste these and place it at the following location:

16. Now come to Layer Panel and click on Now select all Vertical Stips by holding Shift key and click on it, Create New Group icon:

17. Double click on the name of newly created group and write Vertical Strips and hit <Enter> key. Now select all light orange vertical strips and put these layers in Vertical Strips group, as shown below:

18. Now Create another group and put all Horizontal Dark Orange strips in it and be careful, Vertical Strips group must be over Horizontal Strips group as shown below:

19. Now right click on each group one by one and select duplicate group, hit <Enter> and then press Ctrl+E to merge all layers in one. Hide the original groups.

Now we are going to give some detailing. Create new layer and draw a small Rectangle by using Rectangular Marquee Selection tool :

Now hit ‘D’ to bring Black & White colors in color palette. Pick Gradient Tool  and select Black to Transparent gradient from the top panel:

and draw gradient from Left to Right as shown below:

20. Now copy/paste this gradient to the following locations:

21. Now draw thin vertical Red Gradient strips as shown below (simply draw single strip and copy this to all the vertical edges of Light Orange strips):

22. Merge all these strips into one layer. Keep selecting this layer, click on the icon of the Light Orange strip layer in Layer Panel, it will bring marquee around the Light Orange Strips as shown below:

Press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse selection and hit Del key to delete strips other than overlapping the Light Orange Stips:

23. Now to finalize it I’ve used Gradient tool , taken new layer and draw small gradients on the edges where ribbon is being folded, so got this final image:

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