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Best Sites to help you learn Flash

We have compiled a list of Best Flash Sites, you can learn Flash, also learn Flash ActionScript etc. These also include Flash Tutorial sites.  So a lot of things for you learn after visiting these sites. These can be a best Training for you.

Entheos Web :

Tutorials cover basics of Flash animation and Flash ActionScripting.  Learn cool Flash effects and basic Flash concepts!

Kirupa :

Learn how to use Flash to create everything from simple animations to complicated ActionScript-based projects by following the easy-to-learn tutorials found on this page.

Goto And Learn :

gotoAndLearn() is a free video tutorial resource for the Flash Platform.

Flash Developer Center :

Refer to the tutorials and videos on this page to get started with Flash Professional CS5. Most tutorials require Flash CS5, although some apply still to Flash CS4.

Flash Kit :

Flash Kit – an online resource for Adobe Flash development. Join in our message board discussions, read the latest Flash news and tutorials, and download our free FLAs, SWFs, and sound loops.

ActionScript :

ActionScript.org is the premier ActionScript developer community online for Flash and Flex users. One of the largest such sites in the world, ActionScript.org caters for designers and developers at all skill levels. The site includes thousands of tutorials, open source movies and scripts, support forums, reviews, scene news, a fully featured Flash jobs and employment section and much more.

Flash and Math :

Best site having ActionScript 3.0 Tutorials.

Flash Magazine :

Flashmagazine features the people and products that are shaping the web of tomorrow. We report on events in the Flash-scene, bring news, reviews and hopefully some fun to everyone interested in the web’s future.

Goto And Play :

gotoAndPlay is a community for flash game developers and gamers as well. You will find funny games to play and a lot of flash game developer resources.

Flash Perfection :

This site is having a lot of Tutorials related to only Flash. You can also submit your tutorials by registering a free account. You can find best Flash tutorials by vising this site.

Flash Advisor :

Flash Tutorials and Flash action scripts open source for adobe flash beginners, flash player, free flash movies, templates, flash games download our free FLAs, flash help, SWFs, and sound loops.

Flash Vista :

Flashvista is a mix between a search engine for best flash web sites and a flash links directory. It should help you to find the most cool Flash sites and Flash

Flash my Mind :

This site offers free Flash and Actionscript tutorials. There are tons of tutorials to choose from!

Flash Game Design :

Nice site, will teach you how to make Games in Flash. In this site you’ll find some great games for inspinration in your flash game design indevours. Only the best games have been chosen, for their gameplay and their polished visuals.

Flash Cartoons :

This site was designed to pass up the time. If you dont want to pass the time, go do something productive. Features, Flash tutorials, Shockwave games, Flash cartoons such as Mario and the Princess, Zelda A Link To A Gentlemans Club, and many other animations.

Tizag :

Learn how to use Macromedia Flash 8 with Tizag.com’s Flash 8 Tutorial.

Smashing Magazine :

Best site to get tutorials about Flash. You will really enjoy surfing it.

Smart Webby :

You will get a lot of best Flash tutorials related to Tween, ActionScript, Masking and a lot more.

Active Tutplus :

A lot of tutorials related to Flash are here for you. You will get Flash Tutorial from beginner to expert, related to ActionScript, Masking, Animation, Games and a lot more.

Flash Components :

If you are an author, a buyer or a member of the FC community, you are welcome to post a tutorial on our website. People are always looking to learn how they can build their own files, or customize current ones. This is an area of top interest on FC, which means that you have the chance to get noticed for your skills and knowledge.

The Dude :

The Dude – Enjoy Basic Flash and Actionscript tutorials from The Dude. Includes newly added video tutorials, beginners flash tutorials, free online games, contests and more!

Senocular :

You will enjoy surfing this beautiful site as it is having a lot of Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and a lot more tools tutorials.

CBT Cafe :

Featuring free Flash tutorials in HTML QuickTime and Flash Video formats.

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