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[Infographic] – Why Your Business Must Go Social ?

Still not sure social media is for you? Seems childish? A waste of time? Impossible to measure?
These are all valid reasons to ignore the social media bubble. Unless you like making money.
If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to wake up. Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere.
But guess what? More consumers are spending time on these networks than ever.
Here’s a spattering of some hot tidbits about why social networking is the smart move for you.
It’s better late than never!

Via: Wix.com

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  1. An article trying to convince people to go social without Google + sharing beneath it is like Facebook trying to convince us to respect privacy or China telling us not to censure. 😀

  2. You did not convinced me to go social. It’s time wasting. For example, Google adwords ads works 600% more EFFECTIVE on Google engine than on FB (how FB were promoting their ads 2 years ago…). Direct mail letter to cold prospects (who are hanging on FB, probably) works even 10X better than Google adwords… In terms of invested time, social media is for losers or, for people whose time is worthless. In terms of invested money, direct mail is just 11% more expensive than ads on FB.

  3. Great read! I really like how you put this together with the images and design. Its so much more fun than reading plain text. Thanks!

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