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Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Cheerful and Inviting

A workstation for cooking, a space for family meals, and a socializing zone, your kitchen can be your home’s special room. Families are always looking for new ways to make their kitchens warmer and more inviting. A dash of colour, a few tweaks and some value additions can enhance the appeal of the space, and draw admiration from guests! Here are some tips.

A multi-purpose family kitchen:

A multi-purpose family kitchen
A multi-purpose family kitchen

Make your kitchen feel more welcoming for all family members, from your spouse to your teen and tiny tots. You can achieve this with a couple of additions. How about a window seat where you can gaze outside or dream away whilst sipping coffee on cold mornings, read a book, or watch your kids play in the garden. You can create a wonderful window seat with throw pillows and a comfortable mattress.

Your kitchen can also be a frequent homework spot for your kids, or a quiet work zone for you/your spouse on days you bring work home. Well upholstered sloping arm chairs work fine. High-back chairs are also good options, offering much comfort. If you prefer something simple and minimalistic, wishbone chairs are recommended.

A small area of your kitchen can also serve as a charming socializing spot. Tall stools, ottomans and pub tables are some fixtures you can consider to create an exclusive zone in less generous spaces.

Extensions and built-ins:

Extensions and built-ins
Extensions and built-ins

Foldable dining tables are good investments, creating room for more diners without taking up additional space. Built-in benches with narrow tables can convert smaller spaces into comfortable eating areas. Some built-ins along the wall can provide extra seating when you have friends and relatives over. Those with cabinets and storage shelves are even better, holding everything from cookware to books, linens and stash-away items conveniently.

Warm wall colours and earthy worktops:

Warm wall colours and earthy worktops
Warm wall colours and earthy worktops

Light and warm shades can open up kitchens and usher in light. This doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to look bland. Pair light coloured walls with bright dishtowels, sink mats, colour photos, drawings and other décor items to add liveliness. Earthy tones like tans, browns, greys and a few reds create an inviting and familiar ambience. Granite or quartz kitchen worktops in these colours are good additions.

Plants add a rustic feel:

Plants add a rustic feel
Plants add a rustic feel

Plants can bring a bit of the outdoors into your indoor space, which is always a good thing! For a rustic ambience, make plants a part of your kitchen décor. A small plant stand with one or two plants can lend beauty and freshness to your kitchen. Pleasant smelling and bright coloured flowers can work wonders in making the space brighter and livelier. A plant on the window above the sink, yellow tulips on top of the refrigerator or an indoor herb garden (if you want something extra special!) are other suggestions.

Depending on your personal preference and requirements, you can choose one or a combination of the above tips to make your kitchen the most visited room in your home!

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