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Tips to Motivate the Creative Soldiers of Your Design Army

There are four basic types of motivation: intrinsic, extrinsic, personal and interpersonal. But there is more complexities to motivation than simply these four types and the type usually depends upon the task or project involved. Intrinsic motivation means that you love doing what you do while extrinsic means that you still want to be paid good for it. Where personal motivation means that you take a lot of interest in you work and like to explore your field, interpersonal motivation means that you will redouble your efforts if you are encouraged or are put in to a productive competition with a colleague. All these motivations can work separately as well as together to make out even a better effect. To explain it better, recognition for work and encouragement comes under both extrinsic and interpersonal motivation while personal interest comes under both personal and intrinsic in different forms.

For a given person, a project, task or organization to give their best, motivation is very important. You can have the best of it if all these types of motivations are present in a balanced quantity. There are ways to assess these types of motivations by learning about their relative importance, putting them in four quadrants.

The first concept is personal intrinsic motivation where a person having it in high quantity values learning in his work and meeting challenges. The second concept is interpersonal intrinsic which involves a sense requiring contribution to the field. Then there is personal extrinsic which can be regarded as relatively unimportant among all four as long as the paycheck is nice. The fourth one is interpersonal extrinsic which holds a high importance as personal reputation and the status that comes along with it hold high value.

These four concepts are explained better in the paragraphs below.

Personal Intrinsic – A Self-motivated Satisfaction:

Personal Intrinsic – A Self-motivated Satisfaction
Personal Intrinsic – A Self-motivated Satisfaction

In the personal intrinsic quadrant, people are satisfied with their work by considering it a motivation and are also motivated because of the alignment of their work with their own core values. If we take example of a poet in this scenario, we find him entranced by what magic can words do and the self-expression he has. An engineer in this case loves to learn and can take up a difficult challenge to add to his store of knowledge.

The advantage of this quadrant is that it has the highest influence on the quality of work. A person is unlikely to achieve outstanding results if he does not have intrinsic satisfaction in the task or is not personally motivated.

This quadrant also holds a disadvantage as this motivation has a personal nature. And because of that, its results hold little relevance to others. If the poet becomes self-absorbed, he cannot improve his poetry as he does not read others’ works. From a business prospect, when people divert their focus on pet projects, they might lose concentration on the organizational goals.

This quadrant holds lesser disadvantages when compared with the advantages as whether the motivation is personal or intrinsic, it results in greater individual motivation and where there is individual motivation, there is productivity.

Interpersonal Intrinsic – Motivated by Being Inspired:

Interpersonal Intrinsic – Motivated by Being Inspired
Interpersonal Intrinsic – Motivated by Being Inspired

This is the concept where people are influenced by each other. Social interaction comes in interpersonal intrinsic motivation and implies the want of individuals to be with each other. The social exchange of give and take also includes in this category and includes the pleasure that we derive from each other’s company, the attraction that comes from wielding power and altruistic motives. People included in this quadrant are the ones who like to stay connected with other people and entrepreneurs who want to employ their skills for the betterment of themselves and their organization.

People belonging to this class are more likely to produce something that is beneficial and relevant as they are connected more with their clients, customers and peers rather than the ones who like to stay within themselves and do not interact.

This concept involves influence and generosity which both have a good and a bad side. Where influence can harm others, generosity can lead to people sacrificing their own interests.

Hence, where social interaction can bring positive effects on your work in the organization and on your personal reputation as a socially accessible and easy person, it comes with a price of you taking your gifts and personal interests for granted.

Personal Extrinsic – What’s in it for Me?

Personal Extrinsic – What’s in it for Me
Personal Extrinsic – What’s in it for Me

This is the phenomena where you think what’s in it for you. This is the point where you want to be sure that you get something out of it. It also includes you assurance that you do not experience anything negative. People have open talks about remuneration and salary here and lawyers or agents are employed to speak for individual gains.

This quadrant reaches a deal where all the parties are satisfied and there is an air or respect and commitment among them. People are saved from the devastating effects of stress on the performance as well in this quadrant.

This is also the phenomena where both the parties can neglect the other three motivation factors as personal interest means that productivity is highly unlikely. Although rewards are necessary but they are not sufficient if you want to have you motivated. Being a creative person, if you think you can throw money on the problem, it is hard chance that you will get much in terms of productivity.

Interpersonal Extrinsic – Fame is the Game:

Interpersonal Extrinsic – Fame is the Game
Interpersonal Extrinsic – Fame is the Game

This is the idea where people are interested to develop and maintain their image and get motivated to enhance or boost it. This is the period where you are about to get awards, recognitions and brands and products gaining your name; where critics get ready to speak about you.

Where creativity is involved, people are motivated in this idea rather than worrying about the money. So for clients who are tight on the budget, there can be plenty of people out there who will be willing to work to improve their public image rather than run after the money.

However, if you spend too much in building and keeping your public image, you might be taking risks with your personal interests which need as much nurturing as any. In fact, too much inclination towards the audience can lose you respect by giving you the image of a fake as for a reputable image, you should also be good at taking interest in your projects and it will show in your work.

Final Words:

To put it all in short, motivation holds high value for the individual person, project or organization to work in the best manner by employing all the healthy ways of development. The quantities of social interaction, personal rewards, public recognition and personal satisfaction should be present in a balance to have the proper function of every aspect.

Out of the four concepts, extrinsic is the one which holds a negative connotation for a creative person, however, it is also the one which the mangers seek when trying to motivate people. So for leaders, managers or creative directors, you should focus on the other three quadrants as much as you focus on the extrinsic one as the balance between all four is the way you can get the best out of your employee.

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