For those who wanted to be a Web Designer, if they are new and they don’t know what points to keep in mind before making any Template or Interface, what color scheme to choose before starting any project, what kind of things they should keep in mind before starting any project, then here we have collected a lot of Tutorials about Web Layout Designs in Photoshop. They can be a professional after following these awesome Tutorials. More than 40 Tutorials included in this post so anybody can make an Interface or Template after following these. Enjoy visiting and learning these tutorials.

How to make an Interface in Photoshop:

How to design and Interface in Photoshop

Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop:

Excellent Web Layout Design Tutorials in Photoshop

Business Web Page:

Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop:

Design a Unique Grungy Website Layout:

Graphic Design Studio Web Layout:

Funky Web Design Layout:

How to Make a Creative Blog Layout:

Design an awesome colorful layout:

Create an iPhone related website:

Design a trendy business & finance layout:

Design Lab TV Styled Layout:

Create an E-commerce Web Layout:

Create a web 2.0 business layout:

How to Make a Green & Sleek Web Layout in Photoshop:

Create an Elegant Photography Web Layout in Photoshop:

How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop:

Create a movie video streaming website:

Photo Gallery Website Layout in Photoshop:

How to create a vintage Photoshop file:

Create a Modern Lab Theme Web Design in Photoshop:

Create a Grungy, Translucent Web Portfolio Design:

Create an awesome soft portfolio layout in Photoshop:

How to create a modern portfolio layout using Photoshop:

Portfolio Layout Design Tutorial with 3D Look:

Create Colorful Blog Web Layout Using Photoshop:

Learn how to create a Sports Car layout in Photoshop:

Create a website to sell your iPhone 5 apps:

Web 2.0 Professional Blog Layout Tutorial:

Design a Futuristic Chrome Web Layout in Photoshop:

How to Create a 3D Portfolio Layout:

White notebook style for web site design:

Design Studio Layout #2:

Website Design Studio:

Stylish Web Layout Photoshop:

Sound System Studio Web Layout:

Professional Design Studio Web Template:

How To Create a Stunning Vista Inspired Menu:

Online Photo Portfolio:

Graphic Design Studio Web Layout:

Design a creative unusual layout: