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The History of HTML5 in Line with Popular Culture Events

HTML5 – we’ve all heard the term enough over the past couple of years since its release.  some of us even know what it is – a markup language that forms the backbone of nearly every website on the internet.  Even if we know what it is, we may not be aware that it followed on from HTML4 and offers handy features such as media playback and offline storage, important issues for programmers and developers alike.  When it comes to the history of HTML5, it’s all tied into the history of computers in general.  You can see how it all comes together by using this infographic – it has all the info you need to know presented in a way that’s easy to understand.  As an added bonus, it actually ties in all the different developments in computers with what was going on in popular culture at the same time.   This means that if you want to know what was happening in the world of computers and the internet when ET was the most popular film in cinemas all over the world, it’s just a matter of cross checking and you’ll find out that was when the domain name system was first invented (back in 1982).  This infographic will lead you through the history of computers from the very start right up until the current time.

Via: Wix.com

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  1. HTML5 is to be precise is making its presence felt in the web with its coolest new feature and its widespread popularity.

  2. Infographics is the most useful resources for learning now a days and I’m really glad you made this post and told us about the history of HTML5

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