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How to Add Ghost Effects in Photoshop?

Photoshop from Adobe Systems is one of the most popular graphics and image editing software. It is considered to be an industry standard in image manipulation, creation and editing. It is mainly used to enhance digital photographs and even to create original digital artwork with cool effects. 

Who uses Photoshop?

Who uses Photoshop
Who uses Photoshop

Photoshop is used to design icons, logos, mockups, and screen savers apart from image editing. It is used by high profile graphic designers, web designers, advertisement agencies, animation professionals, video editors, and probably people from all walks of life. Professionals like animators, architects, astronomers, fashion designers, forensic technicians, publishers, commercial printers, and scientific researchers use Photoshop to achieve their design objectives.

Photoshop Tools:

Photoshop Tools
Photoshop Tools

This premier photo editing tool comes as a professional software package with a number of tools for adding photo effects. You can make virtually any modification to your image and add cool effects using the large number of filters and plug-ins. Photoshop also has a set of image transformation tools to create ravishing effects. The latest release of Photoshop includes enhanced vector graphics and 3D editing capabilities and that you need not look at any other software to add 3D effects into your creations.

Photoshop is a must for professionals from web and graphic design to entertainment and animation industry to meet their design goals. This designing tool lets you do a lot of things that you could ever imagine. You could easily transform simple photos to give a ghostly appearance. You can even create a ghost trail of your photos that fades into the background. For this, an understanding of layers, opacity, and free transform is essential.

Adding Ghost Effects:

Adding ghost effects
Adding ghost effects

If you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop it is more than enough to create a spooky looking photo or add ghost effects to your picture. Photoshop offers quite a lot of menu options, palettes, tools, filters, layer styles and various changes to make the desired image edits. Follow the below simple Photoshop techniques to turn a bland photograph into a spookier one and to give it a whole new dimension.

  • Prepare the background: Create a new layer by making a copy of the background layer of your image. Photoshop opens the layers palette. Save the new layer that you want to use.
  • Remove all the colors: De-saturate the background copy layer of your image to remove all the colors and make it look dull. You will now have just a black and white image.
  • Blur the image: copy the desaturated layer and blur the image using the motion blur option in filter menu of the software. Create another layer and paint the image with black just to reveal some parts of the image.
  • Add effects: merger all the layers onto a new layer and apply diffuse glow effect. For this, you need to go the Filter menu and select Distort and then the option Diffuse Glow. Adjust the glow settings till you achieve the desired results.

Try working around with different filter menus and options in the software to add ghostly effects to your image until you are fully satisfied with the results.

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