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Social Media, Some Facts and Figures

Social media websites are said to be the most used websites in the world. These sites are also called the most effective and easily accessible advertising media. People use face book and twitter from their Desktop computers and Phones whenever they got some time. According to a survey result usage of Face book only on mobiles have reached to 604 million monthly users.

Active Users
Active Users

Face book is working like an addiction to its users, especially the youngsters are getting very fast effect of this social media network. There is a lot of discussion on the topic that up to what extent the use of social media sites should be allowed.

There are a lot of crimes which happened due to the carelessness of social media users. Criminals try to take advantage of these sites for getting your personal information. There had been a lot of complains which reported about Identity Theft crime. Accepting friend request from an unknown person invites him into your personal life and then, it will be very easy for him to duplicate your profile and copy all of your pictures to use them inappropriately.

Social Media
Social Media

There was news a little back that the President of United States Barak Obama has forbid his daughter from using social media sites. He said that he did not want strangers knowing their business. All the reason behind that is securing the family privacy. It can be easily judged that he is clearly aware of the power of social media as he uses Face Book in his election to encourage youngsters to vote for him and to collect millions of dollars for his campaign.

Face book seems to have done a great job connecting the loved ones to one another but it is a fact that the trend of friends get together has decreased a lot after the popularity of social media sites.

According to latest figures he total number of face book active users is about 955 million. These figures look like a great achievement but it is a fact that nowadays 83 Million Fake accounts is the biggest problem for Face book. Face book acknowledges that 8.7 % of total accounts are Fake.  Now the figure of active users 955 million will be downsized to 872 million. The company says that they ban at least 20,000 fake accounts daily. Face book has started the deletion of fake accounts but it is badly affecting the reputation of some very reputed pages. Like of many pages has fallen after deletion of these accounts. Deleting these accounts is unavoidable.

Also, after a few decades it will also be facing the problem of dead users. The statistics of research shows that there were more then 1.78 million dead users on face book in 2011. This number has increased a lot in this year also. It is not sure how many dead users are still on the social media receiving updates, but Face book is trying its best to retain the attention of its users and cleaning up the social media rapidly.

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