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Social Stereotypes – You are What you Share

Things move fast in the digital age – technology is progressing rapidly and it can sometimes seem difficult to keep up to date with what’s going on.  Not only are gadgets changing and improving, but our very language is also developing to keep up with this – new words and new meanings are commonplace and social networking is changing the way we live and work.  People are tweeting and liking and poking and sharing all over the internet.

Keeping up to speed with who’s doing what and where can be difficult and you’ll need to know about the online Social Stereotypes.  There’s a cool infographic with bite-size pieces of information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace and the other main social networking platforms – an ideal way to quickly get a handle on what’s going on.  All of the major social networking websites are featured, with some fascinating information and facts and figures about each of the major social platforms.

For instance, a massive 48% of young Americans these days get their news fix via Facebook.  As for Instagram, it seems to be the fashion for girls taking pictures of themselves to do so in their underwear!  And as for engagement, only 23% of tweets actually get a reply.  Myspace is falling in popularity – there was a sharp decline in unique users between January and February of 2011.  Each of the social networking websites is different, but some of them interact with each other to make it easier to get social and join in the huge conversations that are going on online.

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