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25 Delicious Restaurant Websites For Your Inspiration

Nowadays, in the era of the Internet, having a website sounds like a good idea for promoting a restaurant business. Restaurant presenting websites should be definitely “tasty” in appearance, give a warm, cozy feel to visitors and be simple and user friendly in terms of navigation. For web designers to get Inspiration here we have collected awesome Restaurant Websites.

The main content of a restaurant is obviously food, so when it comes to designing a restaurant website, there is no better thing to do than show appetizing images of the food. Therefore such websites usually feature attractive full screen images of meals as well as a picture of the restaurant interior. Delicious pictures are intended to awake visitors’ appetite. Textual contents are usually laconic, unostentatious but eye-catching.

Restaurant Websites For Your Inspiration:

We have collected some beautiful websites presenting successful restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Hope you enjoy looking at this mouthwatering websites that hopefully can serve as inspiration for your own restaurant project.

1.  P.F.Chang’s – Chinese Cuisine:

P.F.Chang’s - Chinese Cuisine

2. Olive Garden – Italian Restaurant:

Olive Garden - Italian Restaurant

3. Outback Steakhouse:

Outback Steakhouse

4. Tataki Sushi Bar:

Tataki Sushi Bar

5. Corner Bakery Cafe:

Corner Bakery Cafe

6. The Fish Market – Seafood Restaurant:

The Fish Market - Seafood Restaurant

7. Garcias – Mexican Restaurant:

Garcias - Mexican Restaurant

8. Magnolia Bakery:

Magnolia Bakery

9. Andale – Mexican Family Kitchen:

Andale – Mexican Family Kitchen

10. Paramount Fine Foods – Arabic Cuisine:

Paramount Fine Foods – Arabic Cuisine

11. Maroush Restaurant – Lebanese Cuisine:

Maroush Restaurant – Lebanese Cuisine

12. Bosphorous Restaurant – Turkish Cuisine:

Bosphorous Restaurant – Turkish Cuisine

13. O’Grady’s on the Pier – Seafood Restaurant:

O’Grady’s on the Pier – Seafood Restaurant

14. Paradise – Bakery and Cafe:

Paradise – Bakery and Cafe

15. Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine:

Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine

16. Redbrick Pizza Cafe:

Redbrick Pizza Cafe

17. Charm City Cakes:

Charm City Cakes

18. Toppers Pizza:

Toppers Pizza

19. Cafe Stoli – Russian Cuisine:

Cafe Stoli – Russian Cuisine

20. Le Perigord – French Cuisine:

Le Perigord – French Cuisine

21. Godunov – Russian Restaurant:

Godunov – Russian Restaurant

22. Piero’s – Italian Cuisine:

Piero’s – Italian Cuisine

23. Cava – Spanish Restaurant:

Cava – Spanish Restaurant

24. 2Fish – Seafood Restaurant:

2Fish – Seafood Restaurant

25. Hank’s Seafood Restaurant:

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

We’re curious to know what do you think about these examples. Maybe you’d like to share with us your own restaurant project? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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