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How to Beat Social Media Fatigue?

You know that social media is a great way to promote your business, and so you’ve signed up for accounts on all the major networks. You’re on Facebook and Twitter. After Google+ and Pinterest came along, you signed up for those. Now you’re looking at doing more on Instagram, and you’re trying to create more videos on YouTube now that video is ranking higher in search. It seems like you spend the majority of your time creating content, updating your status, responding to messages and pursuing followers.

Social Media:

It can all start to be a bit too much. There are so many active social networks, with more being added every day, and social media fatigue can set in quickly. Do you have to choose between the monotony or losing out on the gains for your business? No, there is another way. Here are a few tips for how you can beat social media fatigue:

Narrow Your Focus:

Narrow your Focus
Narrow your Focus

There are several hundred social networks — you don’t need to be on all of them. Decide instead which networks will offer you the most return on your investment. Where is your target audience spending most of its time? Which network gives you the most engagement and traffic?

Focus on just a few networks that will give you the most exposure with your target audience, and concentrate your efforts on getting maximum traffic and leads from those networks. You can always expand to other networks as you see the need or the opportunity.

Use a Scheduler:

Use a Scheduler
Use a Scheduler

You don’t have to manually post every status update, every photo, every user question, and every promotional discount. There are many tools available that will let you schedule your social media updates. Tools are available for auto-scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and, of course, your blog.

Select the scheduler that will give you the features you need, then set aside one day a week to schedule all your posts for that week. You can always check in throughout the week to respond to messages or other posts.

Outsource It:

Outsource it
Outsource it

You don’t actually have to post an update yourself ever. Or reply to a message. Or even log in to social media. There are many freelancers who are ready and willing to do the job for you — for a fee.

You can hire virtual assistants for as little as $2 an hour that will handle your social media campaign for you. Create goals for your campaign and then research credentials for any freelancer you hire to ensure that you get the performance you want.

Use Your Analytics:

Use Your Analytics

You don’t always have to work harder — sometimes, you just need to work smarter. Your analytics is a treasure trove of data that can tell you what is working You can use that data to make tweaks to your campaign. Instead of using a scatter-shot approach, just focus on repeating the types of posts that are getting results. This can greatly cut down on the amount of work you do, yet increase your traffic.

Take a Break:

Take a Break
Take a Break

The best way to beat social media fatigue is simply to take a break. You don’t have to be on social networks every day in order to make it work. Take a few days off. Take a week.

In your absence, you can let your followers know that you’ll be taking a short break and when they can expect you to return. Take the time off to recharge and come back with some really great content.

Posting away every day on up to a dozen social networks can start to take its toll on anyone. When you start to feel bored or tired of what you are doing, your readers will also. Use these tips to beat that social media fatigue so that you can keep your social media marketing campaign fresh and lively and keep seeing the returns that you need.

How do you beat social media fatigue? Share your tips in the comments!

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