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30 Nautical Logos That Make you Feel Wow

There is something incredibly enticing about the ocean. The mystery of the deep, the adventure of the high seas. Bring some of that excitement into your design projects by taking inspiration from this collection of nautical themed logos. These are a great example of design taking the key features and objects of something (in this case sailing and ocean navigation) and utilising them to bring a sense of that theme into the logos. Notice here the particular use of anchors, compasses, and wheels to form the strong visual basis of each nautical logos.

The Sail Spin:


Nautical Charting:

Class Atlas:

Anchor Paper Co:

Stabbed To Death:


Britt Croft Photography:



World Ocean Day 12:

Local Radio Station Logo:

West Coast:

Nautical Knowledge:

Soft Landing:

Turn Back:

Simple Compass:

Location Marker Compass:


Le Songe:

Nejaime’s Wine Cellars:


Pier 5 Fish Market:

Liberty & Amity:

Syndicate Support:

Candado Náutico:

Anchorage Marina:

Veer Chartered Accountants:



Don’t get lost at sea on your next logo design project, take inspiration from the Big Blue and those who sail upon her. And if you’re still struggling to design your own and want to look for help, be sure to turn to the talent found on DesignCrowd to naviagte your way through the sometimes stormy waters of logo design.

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