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33 Mushroom Shaped Logos to Inspire You

This time we’re going to look at very interesting logo designs, these are Mushroom Shaped Logos ! Some of these logos are quite simple as they just show a cute image of a mushroom, while the others are fun, quirky, playful and even fantastical. Some logo designers tend to depict charming dotted red mushroom caps which look very bright and eye-catchy.

What kinds of companies are using mushroom themed logos? Obviously, most of them are related to manufacturing and selling of mushrooms: farming companies, grocery stores, restaurants, organic foods manufacturers and so on. However a mushroom shaped logo can represent a company related to a non-food industry: music, movies, pharmacology, architecture and decoration, books etc. You will find a lot of various examples in this showcase. So let’s jump right into this collection!

Mushroom Shaped Logos

Daddy’s Poison

Daddy's Poison


Miss Mushroom

Organic Farmed Mushrooms

Mushroom Chef


Tiny Village

Mushroom House

Toadstool Augmented Reality


Fresh Food Shop



Rock Mushroom

Mushrooms of The World

Atomic Chef

Mushroom Conceil


Mouldy Muffin


One Up






Infected Mushroom

The Cap


Quaint and Curious Books

Phellinus Pharma

Royale Mushrooms CI

The 360 Farm

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