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The Core Elements of a Successful Web Page

Living proof that humans can reach and invade even the Milky Way is the Internet—one of technology’s best products. Through the World Wide Web, we are given the opportunity to live the easiest and most convenient way possible. It has not only contributed to the way we communicate and socialize, but it has also been our partner to attaining higher education. With just simple clicks, even those who are impoverished are given the chance to learn and to be educated.

Also, the Internet now becomes a way for people to be unified and to work harmoniously together. Because of the numerous possibilities offered by the World Wide Web, the reason behind the increasing number of people who create their own web pages is unquestionable. However, developing a web page is not an easy task, especially since the competition in the virtual world has swollen and is getting stiffer and stiffer day by day. Since there are many web developers who are doing their best and are willing to do anything to increase traffic in their site, how would you really swim against the tides and win the battle in the online world?

A ‘No’ to Stinginess:

A ‘No’ to Stinginess
A ‘No’ to Stinginess

If you are not willing to invest on your web page, you should never hope for the best outcomes. A good web page starts with a unique and easy-to-remember domain name, and if you are not willing to shell out some cash, you will never be able to find the perfect domain name for your site.



A factor you must greatly consider is the convenience of your users. Slow navigation will definitely equate to low traffic since users will not have the patience to stay at your site to wait for your pages to load. To assure maximum speed in your site, you must get the services of a good web host. Although this might be a little more costly than looking for a free or a shared web host, you are assured that you do not have to share a server with other sites and that your page would be given the optimum quality and security.



Aside from the design, the security and the speed of your site, what will make it stand out is fresh content. There is no use for people to browse your site if they will just see the same old content in other sites. Successful sites like Facebook and Twitter are hailed by consumers because they have offered a fresher way to socialize, and if you want the same fate, you must come up with content and features that your site can provide alone.



I have already browsed hundreds of web pages, and I often close sites that look unprofessional. The design of your page may be the strength or the weakness of your site. To assure that your site looks professional and reliable enough, avoid using too much colour and opt for fonts that are understandable and readable. The goal here is to make the lives of the users easier and not to give them a headache because of distracting colours and problematic fonts.

To stand out among the rest, your priority should be the users’ convenience. Although you may have to seek professional help or you may spend more, your efforts will definitely yield benefits for your online career.

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