UI Kit stands for User Interface Kit and is basically a small collection of flexible, separated jQuery JavaScript elements for the contemporary Internet. It is quite simple to style UI kit highlighting a CSS structure in order to match an application without any preprocessor variables.

UI kits include different items of User Interface such as call-to-action buttons, navigation menus, forms and others. The advantages of UI kits are extremely important for both creators and users, therefore UI kits are widely spread online both free and for a fixed price.

It is a fairly new solution that helps designers save time in their work: they don’t have to create a new graphical entity, but they get to modify the UI kit in accordance to their requirements and desires. In addition UI kits allow for designers, especially beginners, to learn the techniques utilized by the creators of the kits.

As it has been already mentioned above, the UI kits can be free or paid, they are also created for all kinds of computer devices: from PC and laptops, to mobile phones and tablets. Below is a set of UI kits belonging to all of these categories. If you are a designer, they will hopefully help you portraying some of your ideas without having to spend a lot of time. Enjoy and feel free to comment your thoughts or add more links to similar UI kits in the field below.