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5 Things to Make Your Business Card Design Outstanding

We all have heard that first impressions count, and when meeting potential clients you need to make a good first impression. A great business card helps you do that. Business card design surely have changed with the times but their importance in branding and networking strategy is still pretty big. With so many marketing tools to choose from, the business card remains an effective one and cheap too!

Your image matters and business cards are really necessary to make a professional appearance.

1. Choose an Appropriate Card Style:

Choose an Appropriate Card Style
Choose an Appropriate Card Style

If you are working in a law firm, you don’t want a colorful business card with cheery graphics because your profession is a sober, serious one. You need to select a style for your business card that compliments your personal style, business and which will present a strong brand image to your clients.

When you start designing the card, first keep in mind the image you aim to project through this card. There are a number of styles you can consider to use. You can either keep it simple and basic by keeping it in black and white. Another style is to add graphics or a photograph. Some high-end businesses even use wood or metal for their business cards to give a different feel. Embossing, matte finishing, using high-quality paper or adding a lustrous shine to the card are various options available to give a great look to your card.

2. Ensure The Text Is Readable:

Ensure The Text Is Readable
Ensure The Text Is Readable

The font should be of appropriate size so that it is readable. If a card’s design is too busy, the jumble of words and graphics may make the text unreadable. Some font sizes may look alright on the computer but after you print them out, may appear to be too small.

3. Avoid Clutter:

Avoid Clutter
Avoid Clutter

In this age, fax numbers have been replaced by Facebook and LinkedIn profile links. What these people don’t realize is that by placing too much contact information you actually just clutter the card. Your name on the card and the design gets lost among too much clutter of info. And your card no longer looks powerful.

Some people even make the mistake of adding their personal e-mail addresses on the card. There is no need for it and sends the wrong message that you are not professional enough to have a separate e-mail address for your business.

4. Be Creative:

Be Creative
Be Creative

Think out of the box if you want to attract attention immediately. Some businesses go the extra mile when it comes to their card and don’t stick with the conventional card design and material.

They aim to be unique. And being different surely gets your brand noticed!

5. Include a QR Code:

Include a QR Code
Include a QR Code

In this age of technology, almost all our customers own a smartphone. A QR code is a barcode that helps your clients make a link between your physical business and your virtual one. This is a fun idea that not many businesses are using but makes for a great conversation starter and a start of a relationship. You can make or download a QR code online!

Always remember to hand out your business card when you meet a potential client! These pointers are great ways to make your business crowd stick out and grab clients’ attention for sure.

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