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20 Creative and Unique Wedding Invitation Cards For Inspiration

Only a handful of the millions of population on earth like living an unconventional life surrounded by creative and unique things that a conventional person would find strange. This post is dedicated to all those unique and unconventional creatures who dare to live an unusual and chock-full life ignoring conventionalism. Here are 20 Creative and Unique Wedding Invitation Cards for your inspiration.

Are you tired of the elegant fonts and the dramatic pictures that usually adorn the wedding cards? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Here is a collection of some unique and creative wedding invitation cards for those who think and live out of the box. The themes of wedding cards present in this blog post are inspired by famous cartoon characters and mostly have animated graphics that make them lively and interesting. Moreover, they help in bringing out the true persona of the couple who are going to tie the knot soon. These out of the box themes of wedding cards are a great source of inspiration for those couples who are looking for something different. These examples will help in conjuring up a fresh and creative theme suiting their style.

Browse through these twenty cute and creative wedding invitation cards based on different themes and constructs. These are some of the best examples in this genre that will help you to design your wedding card creatively. Share with us which of these you liked the most in the comment section also share the pictures with your friends who think differently. Enjoy!!

1. Superman-style wedding invite:

Superman-style wedding invite

2. Our wedding Invite:

Our wedding Invite

3. Marriage Invite & Caricatures:

Marriage Invite & Caricatures

4. Marriage Tales:

Marriage Tales

5. Wedding Card:

Wedding Card

6. Wedding Card Illustration:

Wedding Card Illustration

7. Funny wedding invitation template:

Funny wedding invitation template

8. Wedding Invitation by Preeta Suresh:

Wedding Invitation by Preeta Suresh

9. Wedding Invitation by Harini:

Wedding Invitation by Harini

10. Aris+Zeta wedding invitation:

Aris+Zeta wedding invitation

11. Kritika and Dinesh:

Kritika and Dinesh

12. Gangnam Style Wedding Invitation:

Gangnam Style Wedding Invitation

13. Make Your Own:

Make Your Own

14. Wedding Invitation Set:

edding Invitation Set

15. Sedef Cards:

Sedef Cards

16. Sedef Wedding Invitation:

Sedef Wedding Invitation

17. Kıvılcım Collection:

Kıvılcım Collection

18. Kelly + John’s:

Kelly + John’s

19. love tree:

love tree

20. Jordan & Suzanne:

Jordan & Suzanne

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