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The History of World Cup Football Posters

The South American country of Brazil hosts this years World Cup Football tournament, which started in 1930 and is already over 80 years old. 32 teams will play matches in 12 new or redesigned venues across the country.

The tournament, which takes place every 4 years with only one break in the tournaments history for the Second World War, has been heavily promoted. FIFA commissioned posters to be created for every tournament with the oldest versions of the posters similar to one another. The first significant design change happened in 1982 when Spain hosted the tournament and called upon Catalan artist, Joan Miró, to design the official poster. Miró used his minimalistic style along with bright colours to differentiate the poster from its previous designs. The United States of America later used the design as inspiration when they hosted the tournament in 1994.

Worldwide litho printing partners, Elanders UK, takes a look through the history of how the World Cup was promoted through its array of posters. One of which is 84 years old with a minimum valuation of £15,000.

1930 World Cup Poster

1934 World Cup Poster

1938 World Cup Poster


1954 World Cup Poster

1958 World Cup Poster

1962 World Cup Poster

1966 World Cup Poster

1970 World Cup Poster

1974 World Cup Poster

1978 World Cup Poster

1982 World Cup Poster

1986 World Cup Poster

1990 World Cup Poster


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