Any website owner desire that their web pages be on the top lists of the search engines’ organic search results. After all, when you have a website, you want it to become accessible easily to the online readers worldwide. There are many ways to achieve success in search engine natural rankings and one of them is by knowing more about website crawling. This process will make use of web crawler, which is the term for internet bot working to methodically browse the internet with the aim of Web indexing. Search engines like Google make use of the system of web crawling in order to update the content of their rankings as well as in indexing the web content of other websites. It is possible for web crawlers to copy the web pages they have visited for afterward dealing out by a search engine that cataloging the downloaded pages in order for the users to search them in faster manner. Other works of these web crawlers are to validate HTML codes and hyperlinks and in the process of web scraping.

If your site gets crawled more often, you will see improvement on the ranking of your page or content in search engine results. Take a look at these 10 tips to get your site crawled faster by Google: